Brain-Friendly-ebook-mockup-w-reflection5-on-white money-back-guarantee payment Types in line What you do with your brain is ten times more important than what you do with your fingers. That first chapter title says it all about the book. Working with Psychologist, Performance Improvement Expert, and musician Dr. Rodney Brim, this book explores how musical instrument performance is enhanced by playing and practicing in line with your brain’s natural workings. Your brain is an efficiency machine, constantly looking for ways to build neural pathways to make repetitive activities easier. By practicing the proper way, your brain builds connections and eventually hardens those connections so that we don’t need to think about an ingrained activity like playing an instrument. But what happens if you play and practice in a way that ingrains crummy pathways? This easily readable book will show you how to avoid building those poor neural pathways so that your technical skills on your instrument improve much quicker.
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