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As a bonus for taking advantage of the Altobone Black Friday event this year, choose one of these three books as your free gift. Not sure which one to choose? Let me help…


1. Better Improvisation Through Happy Birthday

The secret to mastering improvisation is to remove the friction between your musical mind and your instrument. This ebook provides you with a cool rhythm track for Happy Birthday and challenges you to play the song in all 12 keys by first hearing the starting note and then playing with the track. I provide variations of the exercise using different audio tracks as well as a track of me improvising over all 12 keys. For all instruments.

2. Telling an Engaging Musical Story Through Melodic Improvisation

This book came out of a survey where i asked musicians to share their greatest struggle with improvisation. The overwhelming answer was, to play more musical solos.

This book identifies five key elements of an engaging musical solo and then provides exercises for each along with examples of me playing the exercises. I used a reharmonization of Jingle Bells for the rhythm track throughout the book. At the end are five solos I recorded over the rhythm track as examples of these five elements.

3. Jazz Patterns for Ear

This book provides 60 patterns of progressively wider intervals that will test and then strengthen the connection between your musical mind and your instrument. Starting with very simple two-note patterns, the exercises progress to become very challenging for any improviser.

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