Free excerpt of Alto Trombone Savvy

Alto Trombone Savvy is my book dedicated to the alto trombone. It was published in January of 2017.

After writing it for a while, I started to run out of strictly alto trombone content, so I started adding some good music and exercises that would be fun and helpful to tenor or bass trombone players (and of course, alto). I wrote it as the user manual for alto, but a lot of it is for any trombonist.

I created a 21 page excerpt containing fun and helpful music and instruction that any trombone can play and enjoy. Download it here. Then use your browser’s download button to download it in to your computer.

Enjoy the music and feel free to reach out to me with feedback. I’d love to know how to make it more fun and useful for you.

Download the free excerpt of Alto Trombone Savvy

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