God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen


As has been my tradition these last several years, I arranged and recorded a Christmas song for 2020. Have you noticed that there just isn’t enough Christmas music these days featuring alto trombone! 

God Rest Ye is apparently the oldest of the carols. The title comes from 16th-century language which translates to, “may God grant you peace and happiness”. I do wish that for you.

This picture is a photo of my North Pole music studio. It used to be the executive offices for Santa’s Workshop but they upgraded and I got this magical place for a song. The elves love to come by and jam.

Santa told me the elves think he’s cool for liking my music.

Give yourself some peace and happiness after a pretty tough year and enjoy this wonderful holiday season!!


“What your teaching is doing is increasing my ear to instrument reaction time.
This is really exciting for me!”

– Sharilynn H.

“What a pleasure it is to finally have a method to follow that makes me work on my listening skills (working by ear).”

– Envoyé M.


“I noticed after working on your materials that I am hearing things in music that I didn’t hear before. I didn’t expect that!”

– Charles N.

“I just want to say thanks so much for your teachings. They are crystal clear, practical, and valuable. They are like vitamins.”

– Marty S.

“I am a professional physicist and it’s extremely difficult to let my analytical brain take a back seat” while I improvise. Your techniques will help me do that.” 

– Jerry D.

“Prior to your course, I was just reading lead sheets and improvising with a play-along cd. Definitely an analytical player. I am enjoying relying more on using my ear to learn your concepts and have started to see an improvement in my improvising.”   

– James M.

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