The piece performed at the 2017 International Trombone Festival

My good friend Gerry Pagano (bass trombone in the St. Louis Symphony) asked me earlier this spring to write a piece of music that he and I could perform at his recital at the International Trombone Festival this past summer in Redlands, CA.

The result was “Conversations With Myself”. It was inspired by a comment I heard made by the great Hans Zimmer. Hans was demonstrating the power of music by the fact that with just three notes one can project a statement, a question, or an answer. The piece is built on the idea that by varying the intervals of simple three note phrases, a musical conversation can be had.

Always trying to do things a little outside conventional norms, Gerry was thrilled at the premise of the piece. I produced a background track over which the two trombones would perform within the hall. Fortunately, the sound techs at the festival were very accommodating in setting it up for us and making the audio track play flawlessly–even doing some EQ on the track to make it sound better for the large hall in which we performed.

After hearing the final studio mix of the song, Gerry wrote, “I really like the sound you got for my solo, it feels relaxed and “sotto voce “. Dare I say, it’s conversational!”


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