Rhythm-Savvy-book-mock “I firmly believe you are on to something great and in the process reinventing how people learn to improvise.” -Dr. Rodney Brim Psychologist, Performance Improvement Executive, and Trombonist money-back-guarantee payment Types in line Rhythm Savvy is the first of its kind as a method for transforming your sense of time and rhythm. 100 audio files serve as play-along tracks to the book’s exercises, performance examples, and challenges for evaluating your time and rhythm sense and then showing you how to improve it. Rhythm Savvy is organized into three sections, each building on the previous: Metronomic Rhythm – Develop rock solid time with exercises of various click combinations, syncopation drills, and ear training geared toward hearing rhythmic patterns more intuitively. Groove Rhythm – Combine a solid sense of time with stylized articulation and note emphasis drills to develop  a better groove to your playing. Phrase Rhythm – Beyond the rhythm of notes, entire solos have a pace to their individual phrases that create a sense of purpose and story. Timing drills and pacing exercises will help you breathe life into your performances – jazz or otherwise. Each page contains challenges that help you get clear on your own internal clock and those areas needing work. Called exercises in the book, think of them more as fun puzzles to be solved helping you gain a greater sense of Rhythm Savvy. Download the 24 page preview of the book.
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