Show Me is a beautiful piece of music sung by a 21 year-old named Alina Baraz. When I first heard this piece, I was stunned by the clarity and presence of her voice as well as the beautiful assortment of sounds crafted and arranged by a Danish electronicis named Matias Saabye Køedt who goes by the name Galimatias.

I was inspired to use this song as an exercise in electronic sound crafting as well as a vehicle to develop a new level of presence and clarity in my trombone voice. Just as I’ve written about modeling jazz solos in order to improve one’s improvisation skills, I’ve modeled much of Galimatias’ brilliant sound construction within this song to learn some new sound design techniques and try some new technologies.

All of the sounds were created by me including the addition of a few new sections in order to make it a unique piece of music and to end up with something I believe is a worthy addition to the Electrik Project.

I’ve created a video illustrating some of the processes I used to craft some of the trombone sounds at


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