Here is a collection of videos I’ve produced on how to play better and samples of my music.

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What a garden hose can teach you about developing your musical flow when improvising.

Answering a question about what to do if you’re not seeing quick enough improvement in one’s playing.

My comprehensive answer to the perennial question: what do i play over chord changes for improvisation???

Listen to my take on Hark the Herald Angel’s Sing. Do you like fallen angels? So do I.

A fly on the wall compressed view of a New York hotel practice session one night.

Listen to The Dry Cleaner from Des Moines

My opinion of the pBone mini

A quick tour through my four printed books.

Better improvisation through playing Happy Birthday. No, Really!

The key of the alto trombone

Do this to improve your jazz improvisation

Listen to the song, Conversations With Myself

Listen to Douglas Yeo and Gerry Pagano play Below 10th Street


Don’t you just love it when you’re panning for gold and some gold stays in your pan after the silt drains away? A long time muso with a dual love for his trombone and electronics finds a way to merge the two into sounds for tomorrow where it’s not just creativity to show mom that you can do it with no hands. A moldy fig pleaser? Hmm, probably not. A winner for those with open minds even if they aren’t left leaning? Count on it. As influenced by Ken Nordine as well as any of the bone masters, Lake would seem to have too many miles under his belt to lead the way to tomorrow—but he’s on a quest. Killer stuff for those looking toward tomorrow to really appreciate.

– Midwest Record

Exquisite playing and beautifully crafted arrangements make the Roads Less Traveled a must take musical journey. Michael Lake’s virtuosic alto trombone playing is worth the price of admission alone, as is Gerry Pagano’s rock solid bass trombone performance, but together it’s a match made in heaven. Bravo Michael and Gerry.

– Michael Davis

If you are a fan of trombone ensembles, this is a CD you need in your collection. Whether featuring a great solo, ensemble performance, Latin-feel, swing, symphonic, or the use of percussion and electronic effects, this is an outstanding performance by two college buds. It is a real treat to be allowed to share in this roommate reunion, and we can only hope for another in the future.

– Dr. Stan Pathel, The International Trombone Association

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