The missing manual for alto trombone

Alto Trombone Savvy
“For anyone interested to learn alto trombone, whether for classical or jazz, this book is a must. Clearly written, with excellent exercises and links to audio examples, Michael Lake has provided the trombone world with a wonderful new resource.”
Ralph Sauer
Ralph Sauer
Former Principal Trombone - Los Angeles Philharmonic

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Alto Trombone Savvy

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Quickly learn the positions

Let me show you the fastest way to learn the alto trombone notes and positions. The trick is to hear the horn rather than the struggle of memorization and constant thinking. 

Build your sight-reading using written exercises I call arm and ear that you play over cool rhythm tracks like this:

Learn to play alto in tune

If you are a tenor player and are used to the sound and overtones of the tenor, playing in tune on alto is a new and often difficult skill.

Play any of the four parts within the included Bach chorals and ballad to train your ear for the nuances of intonation. Here’s an example:

Learn the basics of jazz improvisation

By continuing to use your ear, discover how to connect your musical mind to the alto. In order to play jazz well, you must hear the instrument well, and this book will train your ear for jazz.

  • Learn the benefits of playing everyday tunes starting on random notes. 
  • Learn the basics of chord changes starting with the blues.
  • Play along with transcriptions of good but simple solos.

Discover the little-known nuances of the alto

Do you know how to use the alto false tones to strengthen your ear? Do you know how to benefit by using the tenor positions on alto? Do you know how the difference in partials makes it easier to play high?

These are only a few of the tips and hacks that only a lifelong exclusively alto trombone player knows to share with you.  

“I really like this interesting and well-disposed book. So many good thoughts, facts and tips on alto trombone. Great guidance for the searching alto souls out there. A must-have for the shelves.”
Håkan Björkman
Håkan Björkman
Principal Trombone at Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra
“I highly recommend Alto Trombone Savvy for players around the world wanting advice on handling the alto trombone at the highest level. Classical and jazz players both share the same challenges, and it’s great to have this book in either bass or alto clef to help answer some of those challenges.”
Carsten Svanberg
Carsten Svanberg
Trombone Soloist and retired Professor of Trombone at the University of Music and Arts Graz

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