money-back-guarantee Richie Beirach and I expanded on the ten tips ebook and have just published the result as an expanded physical book. Called A Framework for Jazz Mastery, Richie talks about his improvisation process from his emotions to his fingers called Heart-Ear-Hand. We also write about the three main stages of development for any serious jazz player using Richie’s musical and professional life as a backdrop. We’re both pretty blown away with the pre-published response from people like Randy Brecker, Michael Gibbs, Lewis Porter, Bill Dobbins, Dave Liebman, and a bunch of others. The comment we keep getting is, I wish I’d read this when I was starting out playing jazz. payment Types in line

The circle of fifths provides us with a visually intuitive understanding of the 12 keys, both major and minor. It gives us important clues into the foundation of western music and why certain combinations of notes lead naturally to others and less so to others.

Circle of Fifths Savvy shows you how to use the circle to uncover the relationship of chords and by doing so, unlock some of the mystery of improvising over jazz changes.

With this course, you will receive access to two videos (part one and part two), a companion eBook, and sound files. The combination of these powerful tools will give you:

  • An understanding of the structure of the circle and why you should care
  • Jazz patterns that strengthen your ability to move easily around the circle
  • Rhythm tracks in multiple speeds allowing you to practice your facility with the circle
  • Analysis of standard tunes and how to use the circle to improvise more easily over them
  • Partial transcription of an improvised solo over a standard tune along with the space to learn by finishing the transcription
  • An audio file of the solo over changes as well as one with the rhythm track of the chord changes
  • A circle of fifths analysis of the standard tune’s changes and guidance as to how the circle helps you improvise well over the tune



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