How I recorded one of the trombone sounds for the tune Show Me

I am a big fan of Alina Baraz and of her song Show Me. So much so that I made my own version of the tune as both something I could add to the Electrik Project and as an exercise in refining the recorded sound of my alto trombone. Her vocal sound is so present and clear. It’s the kind of presence and transparency I continue to aim for in my recordings. In the end, I’m pretty happy with the resulting trombone sound and with my use of several Logic plug-ins (processors) to craft that sound.

I created a video illustrating how I created the trombone sound for one section of the tune. My hope is that it will give you some inspiration and ideas of further crafting your unique sound as you record your trombone. I know that when you walk into a studio for someone else’s session you don’t have a lot of control over microphone and the shaping of the sound, but for your own sessions or your personal recordings, you do – and it is for those situations that I think you’ll get value from this video.

As I say in the video, some of these effects are subtle, so listen to this if you can, through good headphones or quality studio monitors.

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